1/4 Pork Box


Avoid a bacon-less existence – Stock up so you never run out

So when you wake up craving bacon

You can prepare to bathe in your richly scented kitchen

While your brain blinks awake to the sizzle of caramelized meat

Buy morning bliss
Includes: 8 lbs. Sausage (breakfast, Italian, or bratwurst), 3 lbs. Bacon (all natural cure), 1 lb. Canadian Bacon, 1 – 3.5 lb. Ham (all natural cure), 2 Ham Steaks (all natural cure), 4 pkgs. (2/pkg.) Bone-in Pork Chops, 1 pkg. (2/pkg.) Pork Steak, 1 – 3.5 lb. Butt Roast, 1 – 3.5 lb. Shoulder Roast, 1 rack Spare Ribs


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